About Us

Integrate GIS and MIS application system and Open Data Management


「Geosense was founded in December, 2016. Which is business incubators from GIS Research center of Feng Chia University. We supports development of professional service such as GIS(Geographic Information System)、MIS(Management Information System) and application of Open Data. Our services and products have included:
GeoSense Map GeoSense has developed Web GIS maps, which can integrate different databases and create personal modules according to the needs of government and enterprise.
More GeoSense App GeoSense takes advantage of App and import GIS (Geographic Information System) to match the demand of our clients (units of government and enterprises), and reach the goal of a mobile office with convenience service.
More GeoSense Construction Supervision and Management Based on experience, GeoSense has integrated engineering construction, supervisory operation, and develop four main modules: construction information and pictures management during construction, diary of supervisory operation, and output the results of construction Inspection.
More GeoSense Construction-site Safety Import wisdom management technology to control messages from the construction site immediately. Help to prevent the occupational accident, lower the burden of investigation, grasp and schedule human resources successfully to improve productivity and time management.

Operating Ability

System integrate service We design systems to help managing public utilities, geomatics, IT planning, and system developing and integrating service. By using GIS and MIS, Geosense has assisted enterprises in information technology and help to raised firm competitiveness.
Our members are professional researchers from information technology, land management, mathematic, measurement, and marketing, which can help to design and develop information systems for public and private enterprises.
Online Marketing Geosense provides customization website design, marketing planning, and advisory service. By our creative teams and abundant resources, we are confident to furnish a comprehensive marketing plan for government agencies and enterprises to meet all the demands.
As a knowledge enterprise, Geosense has aimed to provide excellent geomatics technical systems for our clients, members, and society with a superior service that can bring long-term economic benefits. Quality, honesty, innovation, leadership, and Individual values are our five business philosophy. We focus on developing GIS and MIS systems, integrate information technology and business management to build quality assurance and quality control. To cultivate research and design professionals and continue to develop added value technology toward the goal of total solution provider and total service provider. In the future, Geosense aimed to add in creative design and marketing concept, popularization GIS to bring excellently E-services for clients and reach high enterprise value.

Geosense’s Vision and Goals

Our Vision Become a leading brand of the electronic map system.
Business philosophy We cultivate the capability of talented people and focus on developing technology with added value, to move toward the goal of becoming a Total Solution Provider and Total Service Provider.
Business Goal We used Object-oriented programming to guarantee quality with multi-tiered and componentized architecture to enhance customer satisfaction.