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GeoSense Construction-site Safety

Import wisdom management technology to control messages from the construction site immediately. Help to prevent the occupational accident, lower the burden of investigation, grasp and schedule human resources successfully to improve productivity and time management.

Products Feature

1.Workers’ Health Management Control the in and out and physiological condition of the workers
2.Construction-site Safety Monitoring Monitor workers, cars, and the environment.
3.Automated Update Mechanism The information of construction will update to the cloud to help to control the safety of the site.

Function modules

Mobile Monitoring

Add in Beacon to monitor more precisely.

Automated Recognition

Integrate facial and car license recognition technology.

Physiological monitoring

Integrate micro sensors to control the physiological condition of the workers.

Visualization Module Management

Cross-platform develop technology to show the latest information by pc and mobile.

Application Area

Shimen Reservoir Amouping Anti-silt Tunnel System
The Third- Rectify Construction of Josher Torrent Monitoring System