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GeoSense Construction monitoring

Fulfill Three-tier Quality Control Follow the Three-tier Quality Control Rule of Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan. Control and manage to progress constructions to help construction supervised and examined, level up the quality of construction.

Product Features

Automated Construction quality has been monitored by an automated system
Lower the Cost Reduce the times of moving between constructions to increase the working efficiency
Time controlling Track the construction schedule seriously.

Function modules

Construction information control

Scheduling, construction data, budget counting

Construction pictures managing

Construction Supervisory will check construction works and instruments based on structural safety, set checking points to verify the quality and safety of construction.

Construction and Supervision Diary

Construction units can record daily construction projects, amount, workers number, usage of the machine, and important details.

Output the information about Construction

Output reports by the system to shorten the progress and control the schedule of delay constructions.

Application Area

Forestry Bureau- Construction Monitoring and Management System
Water and Soil Conservation Construction System